How To Make Dental Health A Family Priority

It's no secret that good dental hygiene is one of the keys of good overall health. In fact,improper care of your mouth can lead to serious disease and even death. Heart attack, stroke, diabetes and respiratory diseases are some of the dangers that can occur when you don't take good care of your teeth and gums. On a less dramatic scale, poor dental care can just make your breath smell stinky! Here are some ideas that might inspire your family to make good dental health a priority. [Read More]

Children Should Visit A Children Dentist In Charlotte NC

Going to a dentist is not always easy to do. Some parents have to drag their children to the dentist kicking and screaming. Going to the dentist is an essential component of maintaining proper dental hygiene. Still, parents who have to drag their children to the dentist might consider not taking their children to the dentist just to avoid the struggle of trying to get their children in an examination chair. [Read More]