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Implant Bridges: Are They Right For You?

You've heard of dental implants and you've heard of dental bridges, but implant bridges together? What is that? Learn what implant bridges are and how they may benefit you. Your dentist will tell you if this is the best solution to your oral health needs.

What are implant bridges? 

Implant bridges are special implants placed in the mouth to replace multiple teeth. This dental procedure is like putting dental implants and dental bridges into one procedure. When you get implant bridges put in, you have a dental post put into your jaw bone where your missing teeth are, then a series of bridged replacement crowns are placed into the space. Another dental post will be placed where your implant bridges end, and voila — the result is a fuller, more natural smile without having to have several individual posts or teeth put in.

Are implant bridges right for you?

You may benefit from implant bridges if you have multiple missing teeth and therefore don't have the surrounding teeth necessary to place a dental crown over, like what is done in a traditional dental bridge. Or, if you need most of your teeth replaced and cannot afford to get dental implants, which can be both time-consuming and costly, implant bridges can be the solution you seek.

Keep in mind that the dental posts that are put in your mouth are placed in your healthy jaw bone. If your jaw bone tissue is weak or lacking, you may need a bone graft before you get your implant bridges put in. Likewise, if you have gum disease, your dentist may want you to wear partial dentures or have another dental solution tried before you get implant bridges.

What does getting implant bridges entail?

If you're ready to get implant bridges and want to know more about the procedure, here's how it works. Your mouth is checked to ensure you're ready for the procedure, and once cleared, surgery is done to put dental posts in. After your mouth has healed from this procedure, your mouth is fitted for a dental bridge, which will contain the replacement crowns that are specifically designed to fit your mouth.

After you have your new implant bridges put in, you're ready to enjoy your new smile. Your dental insurance may help cover some of your costs by assisting in paying for the dental posts. This helps make this dental procedure more cost-effective for you. Continue to care for your smile after getting implant bridges put in and your smile can last for a long time.

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