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6 Common Myths About Orthodontics

Orthodontics helps patients correct crooked teeth, underbites, overcrowding, and temporomandibular disorders. Although orthodontic services have been available for many years, there are still many misconceptions going around. Unfortunately, these misconceptions can make some people reluctant to get orthodontic treatment.

Here are some common myths about orthodontics you should not believe.

Orthodontics Only Provides Metal Braces

Back in the day, metal braces were the only option for people who wanted to correct misaligned teeth. However, that is not the case today. Many types of orthodontic appliances are available today, such as clear braces, retainers, and bite plates. An orthodontist can help you choose the right orthodontic appliance for your needs.

Orthodontics Only Help Your Appearance

It is true that orthodontic treatment can straighten your teeth and improve the look of your smile. However, that is not all the treatment can do. If your teeth and jaw are better aligned after orthodontic treatment, you will be able to speak, chew, and bite a lot easier.

Orthodontics Are Only Designed for Kids

Many children receive orthodontic treatments, like braces. However, people of all ages can benefit from orthodontics. Adults who have crooked teeth or overcrowding, for example, can get orthodontic treatment and improve their smiles.

Orthodontic Treatment Hurts

Some people are reluctant to get orthodontic treatment because they assume it is painful. Luckily, that is not true. There have been many advancements in orthodontic technology, so you should experience minimal discomfort. If you do feel pain in the beginning, you should discuss it with your orthodontist.

Orthodontic Treatment Is Too Pricey

Another common myth about orthodontic treatment is that it is too expensive for the majority of people. However, the treatment is more affordable than you may think. Most dental insurance plans will cover a large portion of orthodontic treatment. If you do not currently have insurance, you should ask your orthodontist about payment plans. 

Orthodontics Provide Immediate Results

While it would be ideal if orthodontics provided instant results, that is not the case. Straightening teeth takes time, so you have to be patient. In the end, you will be thankful for your results. Ask your orthodontist about approximately how long it will take to see results. 

As you can see, there are a lot of myths about orthodontics. If you are thinking about getting orthodontic treatment, you should make an appointment with an orthodontist as soon as possible to discuss your options.