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How To Give Your Mouth The Royal Treatment With Dental Crowns

When it comes to having a mouth full of perfectly healthy and straight teeth, that may sound like more of a dream than a reality to you. Whether you have teeth that are decaying or are damaged, you may benefit from a royal treatment in the form of dental crowns. Even though a dental crown won't give you a real royal title, they will help your mouth feel a lot better and help you smile a lot more confidentially as well. But when might you benefit from a dental crown? This article will take a closer look. Read on to learn some more. 

1. You Need a Dental Implant

Dental implants are one of the most popular types of dental prostheses out there. Why? Because they are a little bit more permanent than things like dentures. To start out with this procedure, your dentist will remove your infected tooth. Once your tooth has been removed, your dentist will then surgically implant a metal rod into your gums. This metal rod will act as your tooth's root which will help provide stability to your mouth. After your gums have healed around the implant, your dentist will then place a dental crown over the top of it. The dental crown will act as your tooth which will allow you to chew and look good while doing it. 

2. You Need a Dental Bridge

Dental bridges are another reason where you might need a dental crown. Dental bridges are oral devices that help replace several missing teeth. Typically, a dental bridge will be attached to a dental implant (dental crown) and will bridge across the roof of your mouth to restore missing teeth on both sides of the mouth. 

3. You Have Cracked Teeth

If you have cracked teeth, you may think it's just an eyesore. However, cracked teeth, if left untreated, can actually result in oral infections. How? Bacteria and germs can seep in through the cracks which can lead to infections or a bunch of other issues. When your dentist places a dental crown over your existing tooth, it acts as a cap that seals your tooth off from harmful germs and bacteria. 

Giving your mouth the royal treatment is all about taking good care of your teeth with things like dental crowns. If you want to learn more about dental crowns and how they can benefit you, contact your dentist today!