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Why Getting A Dental Implant Right After Tooth Loss Is The Best Option

Dental implants are growing in popularity, as they are often considered the best form of tooth replacement, and they are a great option for most people. A dental implant relies on a person's jawbone, though, for it to stay in place, and this is why getting a dental implant immediately after losing a tooth is the best time to get one. Here are several things you should know about the timing of your dental implant.

Bone mass decreases quickly

Without enough jawbone mass, there is nothing to hold an implant securely in place, and that is why dentists will go through a variety of steps to ensure that a person has enough jawbone before putting an implant in place. The problem is that the mass of a person's jawbone relies on the teeth in the person's mouth. The teeth stimulate the production of mass in the jawbone, and without this stimulation, the jawbone begins deteriorating almost immediately. If you wait to get an implant until months or years after losing a tooth, there probably will not be enough jawbone there to support the device.

You can avoid a bone-grafting procedure

If there is not enough jawbone, you can still get a dental implant; however, you will first have to go through a procedure known as bone grafting. Bone grafting is something that requires taking jawbone from a part of your body and putting it in your jaw. There are also times dentists use artificial bone material for this purpose. After this is complete, you must wait for the two bones to fuse together. Once fused, the bone in your jaw should be strong enough to hold the implant. If you get an implant right away and have enough bone there, you can avoid going through this procedure.

You will not have to live as long without a tooth

Finally, if you choose to get an implant right after losing a tooth, you can decrease the amount of time you must live without a tooth. Living without a tooth can be difficult, as it can make it harder to eat and speak, and it can also make you feel embarrassed. To decrease the time you live without a tooth, you should start the process right away.

If you need to have a tooth extracted because it is full of decay and cannot be fixed, you should talk to your dentist about getting a dental implant right away. Your dentist can help you determine if this is a good option for you and will plan the procedure with you.