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Are Your Child's Adult Teeth Coming In Very Crooked? What To Know

If your child is starting to get their adult teeth and you feel like the teeth are very crooked and crowded, you'll want to get the opinion of an adolescent orthodontist. Fixing the problems that they have now may be the best way to ensure that your child's other adult teeth come in properly, and it may be the best way to detect early problems. Make an appointment and talk with professional adolescent orthodontic services about the following things. 

Plate and Palate Problems

There could be problems with the top palate of your child's mouth, and if it isn't wide enough the teeth won't have enough room to fit into their proper place. You will want to see if your child needs to have an expander put in to widen the bone plate that is the top palate of their mouth. This may be the easiest way for your child to get the room that they need, and the bones need to be expanded while they are still developing. 

Jaw Concerns

If you have concerns that their jaw bones are out of place, this may be contributing to their crooked teeth. If the jaw bones are out of proper position, or they aren't aligned and there isn't enough room between the existing baby teeth and new adult teeth, the child may need to have braces. They can wear the braces to move the jaw bones back into place, though some of the baby teeth may need to be pulled. 

Too Many Teeth

If the child has more than one set of baby teeth, or too many adult teeth trying to push through at one time, this could be the problem. There are many instances when people are born with too many teeth in their mouth, and sometimes this doesn't become evident until the first set of baby teeth is lost. The orthodontic specialist will explore the situation with x-rays to see if this is the concern. 

If you think your child has very crooked teeth, and the teeth in their mouth also have bad spacing, you'll want to speak with a professional to find out exactly what is going on. Your child may need to have care from an orthodontist to fix the teeth properly, and to prevent the other teeth that have to come in from coming in crooked. Get to a specialist and start the corrective treatment right away.