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Stained Teeth Got Your Teens Dreading Picture Day? How To Get Rid Of The Stains And Restore Their Smile

Now that kids are heading back to school, it's time to start thinking about picture day. That's the day the parents look forward to, and kids dread – especially teenagers. There are just so many things to consider when it comes to picture day. Teens need the right hairstyle, the right clothing, and the right smile. Uh oh. The smile. What if your teen has discolored teeth? If your teen has discolored teeth, and is worried about how they'll look in the pictures, it's time to take action. Here are some steps you can take to help your teen smile their brightest on picture day.

Start with Whitening Toothpastes

If your teen has mild stains on their teeth, that are barely noticeable, they may be able to use whitening toothpastes to clear up the problem, and restore the brightness of their smile. Whitening toothpastes work well at removing surface stains from teeth, including those caused by some foods. Pick some whitening toothpaste, and a new toothbrush, up for teen, and have them brush at least twice a day.

Consult with Your Dentist

if your teen has stains that go below the surface, such as the kind caused by coffee drinking, or some medications, they're probably going to need professional assistance. Contact your dentist and schedule a consultation. Your dentist will be able to discuss the options that are available, and help you choose a treatment plan that will provide your teen with the teeth whitening results they need. Some of the whitening options your dentist will offer will include laser whitening, and bleaching trays. Your dentist will determine the best course of action for your teen depending on their age, and the severity of the stains.

Encourage Healthy Habits

Once your teen undergoes professional whitening treatments to clear up the stains, they'll need to work overtime to prevent future stains. You can help them by encouraging healthy habits. The first thing they should do is continue using their whitening toothpaste on a daily basis. The next thing they should do is increase the amount of clear water they drink each day. Drinking clear water will help keep their mouth hydrated, and will wash stains away before they have a chance to set into the enamel. Finally, encourage them to reduce the amount of tooth-staining beverages they consume each day, including coffee, tea, and dark sodas.

If your teen is dreading picture day because their teeth are stained, the information provided here will help you restore the brilliance of their smile. Talk to your dentist about other steps you can take to prevent stains on your teens teeth.