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The Braces Are Coming Off! But Now What?

You made it through all those months with wires on your teeth, and now it is time for the big reveal. You finally get to see the smile that all this hard work should lead to now that the braces are coming off. While this momentous occasion is definitely one that is exciting, the new change in your mouth is bound to bring on a few questions. After all, the last thing you want to do is anything that will jeopardize that killer new smile of yours. Here are a few things you probably will want to know as someone who is getting their braces removed. 

Why do your teeth look a little discolored?

Those little metal brackets that hold your braces in place are held there by a glue or adhesive that has been on each tooth for a while. Therefore, when the braces come off, there can be slight discrepancies between the color of your tooth where the bracket was and where it was not. This discoloration will naturally subside on its own, but most of the time, a good cleaning will be done on your teeth so the discoloration will be eliminated. 

Is it really necessary to wear a retainer after getting the braces removed?

A retainer may seem like a pain after you've spent so much time with braces on your teeth, since you just want to show off your new smile. However, a retainer is actually necessary. When the braces initially come off, the teeth can still be somewhat flexible in their positions. Because of this, they can shift and move if they are not given some form of structure for a while. If you do not wear your retainer, you could end up needing to have braces again. 

Why do your teeth and gums feel so sore and sensitive after the braces come off?

The whole time you have had braces, your gums and teeth have had a structured support system in place that puts pressure on your teeth to move into certain positions. Once the hardware is removed, it can definitely make your teeth and gums feel a little more sensitive than what you are used to. However, this feeling will subside pretty quickly as you get used to the braces not being in your mouth. If not, make sure you talk to your orthodontist to see what could be causing the problem.