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Just Got Veneers? Here's How You Can Protect Them

Porcelain veneers can change the way your smile looks, and if you've recently had some installed, you might be thrilled with their appearance. Once you get used to them, you might start to worry a bit about how you can ensure the veneers remain as bright and wonderful as they looked when you first got them. With these tips, veneers can last a good number of years.

Only Use Teeth For Chewing Food Items and Speaking

If you're the same as many people, you use your teeth for all kinds of things that don't have to do with talking or eating. For example, you might enjoy gnawing on pencil erasers while doing work or crushing ice with your teeth. You may be one of those people who sometimes uses your teeth to open things because you don't have a pair of scissors. Once you get veneers it's wise to stop those things. Your porcelain veneers are strong, but repeated use on items they're not intended to come into contact with can have an effect and cause them to wear down unnecessarily.

Use Straws

One of the reasons you might have gotten veneers in the first place is that your own teeth were horribly stained from years of coffee or tea drinking. Remember that when you have your veneers; while they might not be as affected as teeth by stain-causing substances, if you know you'll be drinking those liquids, do so with a straw. If you can keep your veneers away from those substances completely, you won't have to worry that the veneers will become discolored.

Protect Your Mouth During Sports

If you're someone who gets out in the field to play a favorite sport often, be aware that a mouth guard could become more important than perhaps it was in the past. Porcelain can split and crack if hit too hard; your veneers are not unbreakable. Therefore, a guard is a vital piece of equipment if you're playing sports.

Seek Help for Grinding

If you're starting to realize that you are inadvertently grinding your teeth back and forth as you sleep, you should visit a dentist. With veneers, this is even more important; you don't want to grind and wear down the veneers. You may be asked to wear some kind of guard during night hours.

The veneers in your mouth are made to last, but you can utilize these tips to ensure they look great as long as they're there. Your dentist, such as at Advanced Family Dental Care LLC, might have additional guidance or specific tips about more actions to consider.