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Consider A Dental Implant Before You Get Your Tooth Removed

If you have a tooth that is severely decayed and cannot be saved, the only option might be to have the tooth removed at a place like Abbott Family Dentistry, LLC. When this occurs, it will leave a gap in your mouth. Leaving the gap in your mouth is not a good option, simply because this can lead to many problems, while filling in the gap will require an artificial tooth. The best form of artificial tooth you can get is a dental implant, and this is something you should investigate before you get the tooth removed.

Problems Gaps Can Lead To

A gap in your mouth is an area that should have a tooth but does not, and you will end up with a gap if you have your tooth removed. Living with a gap in your mouth is not the best option you have, though, as it can lead to the following problems:

  • Problems with the way you look and with your self-esteem – Most people do not like the way they look when they have one or more missing teeth. It can even stop a person from smiling, simply because they are embarrassed by this.
  • Loss of jawbone in this area – A huge problem you might not even realize is that a gap can lead to a loss of jawbone. Your teeth help stimulate the jawbone, and this is what keeps it dense and strong. Without a tooth, the jawbone in this area will lose its mass, and this will make it hard to even get a dental implant.
  • Shifting of the teeth – Your teeth will begin moving to fill in the gap in your mouth. This occurs naturally, and you will not be able to stop this unless you replace the tooth with an artificial one.

These are just a few of the major consequences a gap can lead to. Avoiding these problems is possible, though, by choosing to get a dental implant installed as soon as you can.

Why An Implant Is The Best Option

A dental implant is often the recommended option for tooth replacement after a tooth is extracted, and this is because implants are extremely durable and work very well. Dental implants look very real and work like natural teeth. They are attached to your jawbone, which holds them in place just like roots hold a natural tooth in place. With an implant, your jawbone will stay strong, too, simply because it will also stimulate the bone below it which helps it continue to regenerate itself.

How Soon You Can Get An Implant After Tooth Extraction

After getting a tooth extracted, the dentist might be able to insert the implant immediately. In other words, you might be able to get the tooth extracted and get the implant inserted all in one visit. To find out if you can do this, you will need to let a dentist examine your mouth and take x-rays. There are a lot of factors that will determine whether this can be done immediately, or if you will need to wait.

It's important to follow the dentist's recommendations for this, though. If you wait too long, you may end up losing too much jawbone mass; and if this happens, you will need to go through a bone grafting process before you can get the implant. Not only will this require more time before you can get the implant, but it will also cost more money.

If you are ready to get your tooth extracted and decide to replace it with a dental implant, visit a dentist that offers dental implants before having the tooth extracted. This will help you learn more about the procedure and what you should expect from it.