A Root Canal

Tooth Replacement

It can be surprising and painful to have a tooth knocked out, but there are approximately five million teeth that are knocked out each year between children and adults. So, if you get your tooth knocked out, it can be a scare but do not panic. While you may hear many different methods on the best way to keep a tooth alive after it has been knocked out, you should remember that the sooner you reach a dentist with the tooth the better. If you have a tooth knocked out the first thing that you want to do is find the tooth. In order to put the tooth back in, you will need to have that tooth. Then you will want to wash it off with a little bit of water, do not use any soaps. Then keep the tooth moist by replacing the tooth, or putting the tooth in your cheek. Once again the most important thing that you an do is reach a dentist that knows how to replace the tooth. Once you reach the dentist they will take over, and this article will cover what will happen at the dentist office.

The Tooth

The dentist is going to make sure that the tooth is not dead, and the treatment of the tooth is going to be vital. The dentist is going to then start trying to put the tooth back in. The first thing they will do is make sure the tooth is clean. So, they will gently wash the tooth. They will then replace the tooth root first where it was knocked out. This usually is not to painful, but you may feel some discomfort. The dentist may use some adhesive to ensure that the tooth sticks in place. Dentists do see this more often that people think, so they are familiar with the process.

New Tooth

If you are not able to find the tooth, or the tooth is dead, the dentist is going to have to give you a prosthetic tooth. The first thing they will do is measure and design the tooth. You have a few options when it comes to a tooth replacement. You can have a face tooth put on a retainer so it comes off each night, or you can have the prosthetic planted into your jawbone with screws. These are both very good ways to have a tooth replaced