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How to Improve the Fit of Dentures

If you're currently wearing partial or full dentures but are dissatisfied with their fit, you might be seeking a potential solution. One method that dentists can use to improve dentures for their patients is to integrate the dentures with a dental implant. If you want to learn more about this method and to find out if it's right for you, keep reading.

How it Works

Dental implants are installed directly into your jaw bone, anchoring the implant in the same way that a tooth root would act as an anchor. As a result, these anchors can act as the perfect method for keeping a denture in place. Instead of having to spend time and energy on applying an adhesive to your dentures every day, the dentures will be permanently adhered to a set of dental implants that are installed into your jawbone.

Temporary Fix

Denture implants are a great way of improving the functionality of your dentures, but it may not last forever. Dentures aren't designed to be exposed to extreme wear and tear over the years, and may begin to break down if they're used excessively. As a result, your dentist will need to examine your dentures on a regular basis to make sure they're still in good shape. If damage is discovered, it may be time to upgrade your denture implants to full-fledged dental implants.

Ultimate Replacement

The good news is, although denture implants may be a temporary fix, they help to prepare your mouth for full-fledged standard dental implants. Since you will have already had several implants installed in your jawbone—the exact number depends upon whether you had partial or full dentures—the installation process will be made easier than starting from scratch.

Rather than having to install jaw implants for every single missing tooth, some of the implants will already be in place from harnessing your dentures in place. To convert your denture implants to dental implants, your dentist will remove the dentures and install new, permanent teeth on top of each jaw implant.

Dental implants are designed to last for a very long time, and can be exposed to all of the same wear and tear you would expect real teeth to be able to tolerate. They're also simply more effective for chewing, and you're less likely to experience the speech impediments with dental implants that you may struggle with wearing dentures.

If you're frustrated by your dentures, talk to local clinics like A Q Denture Services about whether you can have yours permanently affixed with dental implant posts. Alternatively, consider directly upgrading to standard dental implants for the long-term solution and quality improvement that you've been looking for.