A Root Canal

Thinking Of Getting An Oral Piercing? Learn These Dental Problems It Can Cause Before You Do

If you want to pierce your tongue or cheek, you should know that these piercings can cause you to have dental problems. There is a lot of bacteria in your mouth, and the piercing site could easily become infected and swell. Besides this, these piercings can cause dental problems, two of which are listed below. This can help you decide if getting a piercing is a good choice for you.

Damage to Teeth

If you bite down on the piercing, you may crack or scratch your teeth. This would make your teeth become very sensitive, and if there is a crack you would have to get a dental crown. When you visit your dentist with this problem, they will first do an x-ray to see if you do have a crack. If you do, they will inspect the tooth. If the tooth is in otherwise good shape, they can simply place a crown on it. If there is decay in the tooth, the dentist will first perform a root canal to remove the decay.

The dentist first files down the cracked tooth to allow enough room for the dental crown. When finished, they will make a mold of your tooth. This mold will be sent to a lab that will make your dental crown. While you are waiting for the dental crown to be made, the dentist will place a temporary crown over the tooth using a type of cement. When the crown is finished, the dentist will remove the temporary crown and permanently cement the new crown over your tooth. They will first make sure the new crown fits you well. If it does not, they will file more of the tooth down until the crown fits.

Movement of Teeth

If you had your tongue pierced, you may never remove the piercing. This is because your tongue could heal quickly and the piercing site would close. Leaving the piercing in for so long can cause your teeth to shift and move. This is because the piercing puts constant pressure against your teeth. Your teeth could become loose, shift, and you may notice gaps that were not there before.

If your teeth did move, the dentist may ask you to wear a retainer to help put them back in place again. This retainer would be made to specifically fit your teeth. Of course, for the retainer to work you would have to remove the piercing. If the movement of your teeth is very bad, your dentist may suggest that you see an orthodontist.

Talk with your dentist about these two problems and they can go over them with you in much more detail. You can also visit websites like http://www.mysunshinedentistry.com/.