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New Technologies For Teeth Whitening Without Peroxide For Sensitive Teeth

It's not something people think about much, but the truth is that the whiteness of teeth really does affect people's lives in numerous ways, including the ability to get hired at jobs and the ability to feel self-confident. The problem is that the traditional bleaching process is often painful, especially to people with sensitive teeth. One of the reasons for this is because of peroxide. Here are some ways for those with sensitive teeth to whiten them without dealing with pain from peroxide.

The Dangers of Using Peroxide

Teeth whitening products that dentists use with hydrogen peroxide in them often create problems in patient's mouths in terms of increasing their pain and sensitivity. The guilty party is often listed as "carbamide peroxide" on the product. and hydrogen peroxide is the active ingredient of carbamide.

According to the American Dental Association, peroxide can make pain from tooth sensitivity even worse in patients, and it can also cause soft tissue and gum irritation. Some rare reports have even indicated irreversible tooth damage after bleaching with peroxide.

Peppermint Oil and Baking Soda

An example of a treatment you can do at home yourself includes using baking soda and peppermint oil to leave teeth more white. Other ingredients in this cure include bentonite clay, ground sage leaf, pure sea salt and a sweetener such as xylitol if you want the concoction to taste a bit better.

The advantage with this approach is that you can do the whole treatment yourself at home with all natural ingredients. The lack of peroxide also means that the treatment is often cheaper, and it's known to be pain-free.

Complementary Color Cancellation

Another peroxide-free approach to whitening teeth that doesn't cause pain and sensitivity uses something called color cancellation science. An independent study indicated that products using this science can even brighten teeth as much as 22% more effectively than traditional methods. The way this works is by using a completely different approach than normal.

Normally, companies just try to bleach out color from teeth. But this alternate approach instead tries to create white teeth by using the fact that discolored teeth are yellow. After all, "white" is simply the combination of various colors. By adding the complimentary color to discolored yellow teeth, you can make the teeth appear white again.

The complementary color for yellow is purple, and this is the color that's added to teeth in order to make them appear white. The entire process can be done without using painful and potentially dangerous peroxide.

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